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Let us introduce you to The Faculty behind the Prescribing in Pain Symposium

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Felicia Cox

Felicia is a Nurse Consultant in Pain Management. She is a past Chair of RCN Pain and Palliative Care Forum and is a co-opted member of the Council of the British Pain Society Council. She is a committee member of the EFIC Covid Task Force and EFIC Research Strategy group, the IASP Acute Pian Special Interest Group and a founder member of the Pain Nurse Network.


Felicia is the co-editor of the British Journal of Pain. The breadth of her pain related publications spans the continuum from the Daily Telegraph to The Lancet with systematic reviews, chapters and books in between. She has also co-authored e-learning modules on pain and medicine safety and has contributed to several FPM publications.


She is an Honorary Lecturer at Kings College London. She has been awarded Honorary Membership of the British Pain Society and Fellowship of the RCN for her services to pain. Her clinical and research interests include chronic post surgical pain and procedural pain and enjoys supporting novice authors to publish and disseminate their work.  

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Dr Gillian Chumbley

Dr Gillian Chumbley is the consultant nurse for the pain service at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and a visiting senior lecturer to the Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, at Kings College. Gillian has 25 years’ experience working in pain management and completed her PhD at St George’s Hospital Medical School in 2001.  She was awarded a post-doctoral research grant from the National Institute for Health Research in 2010 and is a member of the Pain Council at the Royal Society of Medicine

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Martin Galligan

Martin Is a lecturer practitioner and lead for Advanced Clinical Practice MSc pathway

at The Royal Marsden School. His background has been largely devoted towards pain management and has worked as both a clinical nurse specialist and lead nurse across acute, chronic, and complex cancer pain settings. He has a passion for cancer pain, pain education and development of pain services. In his previous role as Lead Nurse for Acute Pain services he was able to lead the team to win Acute Pain Team of the Year at the UK National Acute Pain Symposium 2018. He is the current chair and founder of the Pain Nurse Network and chair of RCN Pain and Palliative Care Forum. He is an elected member of the British Pain Society Pain Education Special Interest Group, and has been appointed to EFIC Academy board and a member of the EFIC Covid-19 task force.   


His research interest is focused on knowledge and attitudes of health care professionals in relation to pain management and is a pre-clinical academic fellow awarded by the Royal Marsden Charity and is completing pre-doctorial research work into the needs of health care professionals when managing complex cancer pain.

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Emma Davies

Dr Emma Davies is an Advanced Pharmacist Practitioner and has worked in pain management for 16 years. She developed her interest in analgesic stewardship and supported self-management whilst working in the multi-disciplinary, Southampton Pain Service. 

Currently based in South Wales, Emma provides pain management clinics in primary care, working with GPs, pharmacists and the wider primary care team. Emma also teaches at undergraduate and postgraduate level, develops guidelines and educational materials locally and nationally and provides advice to Welsh Government on pain management. Alongside Dr Frances Cole, Emma co-founded the livewellwithpain website with the plan of improving support for professionals supporting people living with pain. She was awarded her PhD last year, examining trends in opioid prescribing and healthcare resource utilisation in Wales.

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Diarmuid Denneny

Diarmuid is a professional lead physiotherapist at the Pain Management Center at the University of College London Hospital’s NHS Foundation Trust. He has worked in a specialized pain management center for several years and is clinically advanced as a physiotherapist as well as an independent prescriber. In addition to his clinical and managerial work, Diarmuid is the Chair of the Physiotherapy Pain Association and a member of the Guidelines Development Committee for the NICE Chronic Pain Guidelines. He was awarded an NIHR Pre-doctoral Fellowship in 2017 and 2018. He is interested in the development of clinical academic roles for physiotherapists. He also has a particular interest in the psychologically informed practice and the role of physiotherapists in supporting people who have pain and medication-related issues.

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Dr Emma Briggs

Emma is based at the Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery & Palliative Care, King’s College London. At King’s she led the development of the UK’s first Interprofessional Pain Education programme that is delivered annually for 1300 students from six disciplines. As a member of the European Pain Federation EFIC Education Committee, she has the privilege of chairing the Nursing Working Group that developed the EFIC Core Curriculum for the European Diploma in Pain Nursing and interprofessional competencies across the EFIC curricula. She is passionate about interprofessional and competency–based education (developing skills, knowledge and values) and works locally, nationally and internationally to improve pain education for the benefit of people in pain.  She is past chair of the British Pain Society Education Special Interest Group where she and the team have led a number of projects to develop undergraduate and postgraduate education. Emma is also a member of the International Association for the Study of Pain Education Initiatives Working Group.  

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Professor Roger Knaggs

Roger is a clinical academic pharmacist. His current position provides teaching and research opportunities whilst maintaining regular clinical practice. Roger’s main research interests focus on the appropriate use of analgesic medicines and associated clinical outcomes, and healthcare utilization.

 He aims to promote the importance of pain within pharmacy and the role of pharmacy within pain management. Roger was the inaugural chair of the United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association pain management group.

 He is the current President-elect of the British Pain Society after having been Vice President, Honorary Secretary, a coopted and elected Council member. In 2019 he was appointed a member of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (a Scientific Advisory Committee to the UK Government) and is the Chair of their Technical Committee. In addition, he has associations with several other healthcare policy and government organisations in the UK, including the Faculty of Pain Medicine, Care Quality Commission and NICE.

 Roger has chaired the European Pain Federation (EFIC) COVID-19 taskforce since March 2020.

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Jackie Walumbe

Jackie is an advance practice physiotherapist at University College London Hospitals NHS Trust in London, UK. Jackie works as part of a multidisciplinary inpatient team (complex pain team) based in a tertiary care hospital and is involved in the management of complex pain in an integrated system across specialities as well as primary, community, secondary and tertiary care. Jackie is an independent prescriber and clinical researcher. She is in the fourth and final year of a DPhil (PhD) in Primary Health Care at the Nuffield Department of Primary Health Care Sciences, University of Oxford as part of a NIHR/HEE Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship. Her research is focused on understanding how self-management is understood and enacted by people living with chronic pain, and how they are supported in policy and practice using mixed qualitative methods.

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Lloyd Allen

I joined the Royal Marsden in June 2016 as a Lecturer Practitioner. My clinical background for the past twenty two years is oncology and palliative care. During that time I have had the opportunity to work in cancer specialist centres, hospices, community and acute hospital settings. I undertook my masters at Birkbeck in Psychodynamic Counselling and my dissertation was published in the peer-reviewed journal ‘Psychodynamic Practice’. I’m especially interested in how health care professionals impact on the patient experience of cancer, communication skills for health professionals and palliative oncology.

I’m currently supporting students undertaking the following modules:

  • Chemotherapy in Cancer Practice

  • Enhancing Care of the Dying

  • Enhanced Communication Skills in Health and Social Care

  • Palliative Care and Symptom Management

  • Independent and Supplementary Prescribing

  • V300 – Advanced Communication Skills Training

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Felicia Cox

Head of Pain Services, Lead Nurse for Pain Management, Royal Brompton  and Harefield NHS Trust.  She has worked in pain management since 1997 and is the chair of the Royal College of Nursing Pain and Palliative Care Forum and was previously the chair of the London Pain Interest Group. She is a co-opted member of the Council of the British Pain Society. 

Until 2009, she was the editor of the Journal of Perioperative Practice and she currently edits the British Journal of Pain for the British Pain Society. She has published widely, from the Daily Telegraph to The Lancet, with chapters and books in between. Her most recent book, Perioperative Pain Management, is included in the required reading for most postgraduate pain courses. In 2015 and was made a Fellow of the Royal College of Nursing in 2017 for her contributions to nursing and pain managemen

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Dr Gillian Chumbley

Dr Gillian Chumbley is the consultant nurse for the pain service at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and a visiting senior lecturer to the Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, at Kings College. Gillian has 25 years’ experience working in pain management and completed her PhD at St George’s Hospital Medical School in 2001.  She was awarded a post-doctoral research grant from the National Institute for Health Research in 2010 and is a member of the Pain Council at the Royal Society of Medicine

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Martin Galligan

I have been working as a registered nurse across a variety of roles within the acute hospital setting. I have a specialist interest in pain management with the bulk of my career working within this field, with my first role as a clinical nurse specialist post managing acute and complex cancer pain at the Royal Marsden. Following this I became the lead nurse for acute and chronic pain in a busy district general hospital. In this role I was able to develop the service and improve pain education and management across the trust for both staff and patients. 

I have moved into the academic setting and I am now working as a lecturer practitioner at The Royal Marsden School and joined the team in February 2019 with a focus on advanced practice and symptom management. 


Karin Cannons

Karin qualified as a nurse in 1987 from Bart’s Hospital. Since then she has worked in a variety of clinical areas including critical care. As the Nurse Consultant for Pain Management in a large NHS district general hospital foundation Trust, she works clinically with inpatients and outpatients. Karin is the service lead for the Inpatient/Acute and Outpatient/Chronic pain services that are provided to the 3 hospitals in her Trust.

Passionate about patient comfort, staff support and education Karin co-authored the RCN’s Pain Knowledge and Skills Framework for the Nursing Team in 2015 and its revision in 2021. A long-term member of the British Pain Society, Karin is a committee member of the Head Pain Special Interest Group (SIG) and an active member of the Acute Pain, Philosophy and Ethics, Education and Developing Countries SIGs. Karin’s research interests include non-medical prescribing and opioid reduction in patients with long-term use. 



Louise Trewern

Louise Trewern has lived with pain since childhood. After years of strange illnesses and infections, inconclusive tests and persistent pain, Louise was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis. She was prescribed opioid medication for back pain, which increased over a 13 year period to dangerously high levels, along with a cocktail of other drugs such as antidepressants and benzodiazepines. With support from her local pain service Louise reduced and eventually came off her opioids and learned to self-manage her pain in other ways. She considers that this process literally ‘saved her life.’

Louise today is a very passionate patient-advocate advising The British Pain Society’s Patient Voice Committee where she is Vice Chair. She is on Executive Committee of The Physiotherapy Pain Association and Chair of the Get Involved – Evolving Through Patient Experience Committee at Torbay Hospital Pain Service, as well as numerous other projects including supporting and advising Live Well with Pain.

Lousie also blogs for Live Well with Pain


Admin & Management

The PIPS event is a collaborative project with the Faculty, The Secretariat at The British Pain Society and Cloud 9 Event Management Ltd, who already work to support a varietry of Pain related events.

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